Kaer Labs and the covid-19 crisis

Mis à jour : 20 avr. 2020

The mission of Kaer Labs is to empower researchers with tools that make their research more efficient.

The in vivo open fluorescence imaging systems from Kaer Labs can be used for studies of infectious diseases in case the infectious agents, the vaccine candidates or the therapeutic agents can be made fluorescent ([1] and [2]).

Kaer Labs is also skilled for the development of software solutions, among others for image acquisition, processing or for data management.

Our resources can be made available to research labs that would benefit from them, either for research works linked with the fight against the SARS Cov2 virus, or for other health issues linked with the current crisis. We will happy to provide our contribution and to prove our commitment to work at the side of the researchers in this special period.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Guillaume, Paul and Pierre-Alix

contact@kaerlabs.com - +33 6 77 34 66 44

The following work has been performed with the preclinical version of an open fluorescence system previously proposed by another company, but for which the Kaer Imaging Systems are well suited:

[1] Intradermal injection of an anti‐Langerin‐HIVGag fusion vaccine targets epidermal Langerhans cells in nonhuman primates and can be tracked in vivo. Salabert N et al, Eur. J. Immunol. 2016. 46: 689–700

[2] CD34-derived dendritic cells transfected ex vivo with HIV-Gag mRNA induce polyfunctional T-cell responses in nonhuman primates, Romain et al, Eur. J. Immunol. 2012. 42: 2019–2030