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Photon etc. acquires Kaer Labs

September 27, 2022, Montreal, Quebec - Photon etc., a leader in optical and infrared systems, recently announced the acquisition of Kaer Labs, a French company specialized in the development and commercialization of optical systems for medical research and life sciences.

"The acquisition of Kaer Labs is a highly strategic transaction that will allow Photon etc. to increase its presence in Europe and further its development plan, in addition to leveraging Kaer Labs' experience and breakthroughs in pre-clinical and clinical applications. The two companies share the ability to scale up their technologies and products in the life sciences sector. Photon etc. is a pioneer in infrared imaging, and Kaer Labs is the only company currently on the market offering an open preclinical system. Together, we offer the most comprehensive and powerful range of optical solutions. Solutions that will increase our understanding of many diseases - including cancer and infectious diseases - and accelerate the development of new drugs." - Sébastien Blais-Ouellette, President and CEO of Photon etc.

"This acquisition by Photon etc. is a great leap forward for us. From the very first exchanges with Photon etc., our similar culture and the prospects for collaboration were numerous and natural," added Kaer Labs' founding partners, Paul Dorval, Guillaume Schmid and Pierre-Alix Dancer.

With this acquisition, Photon etc. confirms its ambitions in the life sciences sector. The addition of Kaer Labs further solidifies this, as the sector is one of Photon's niches of excellence since 2019 with its flagship product IR VIVO, as well as several other innovative products. In addition to expanding the product range, the collaboration of experts will be most rewarding for the future of teams on both sides of the Atlantic. Photon etc.'s product line goes far beyond life sciences. Our technologies offer state-of-the-art analytical solutions, notably in the advanced materials and industrial sectors. In addition, Photon etc. develops customised platforms to meet the very specific needs and highest requirements of scientists and industrialists in a vaste array of diverse sectors.

About Photon etc. Photon etc. designs and manufactures state-of-the-art imaging and analysis systems. Twenty years of innovation in this field have made it the world leader in hyperspectral and infrared imaging. With production facilities in Quebec and France, the Photon etc. team is a group of passionate innovators who are proud to work on projects that have a positive impact on the quality of life, the environment and society. About Kaer Labs Kaer Labs is a French company specialising in the development and commercialisation of optical system for medical research and life sciences. The company has developed systems for in vivo fluorescence and 3D histology. Kaer Labs was supported by the Atlanpole Biotherapies competitiveness cluster and was assisted in its creation by Atlanpole, IMT Atlantique and Réseau Entreprendre Atlantique.

For more information :

  • Photon etc.

Marie-Christine Ferland Business Development Director Tel. +1 418 473 1278

  • Kaer Labs

Pierre-Alix Dancer Tel : +33 6 77 34 66 44

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