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The Company


Kaer Labs

Kaer Labs SAS was created in 2018 by seasoned engineers with great experiences of instrumentation for in vivo fluorescence imaging for preclinical research and biomedical applications.

The company is committed to provide the community of medical and pharmaceutical researchers with instrumentation that combines user friendliness, high performance and great reliability.

Kaer Labs offices are located in Nantes, France, in the newly opened offices of S-Factory, the first industrial cooperative coworking facilities of Nantes.

In 2022, Kaer Labs became a company of Photon etc., a renowned Quebec company located in the heart of innovative Montreal, specializing in the design and manufacture of hyperspectral and infrared imaging systems. Founded in 2003, Photon etc offers innovative solutions to the most complex challenges in research and advanced industrial applications.

Learn more about our parent company here.


Chief Technical Officer

PhD in Fluorescence Medical Imaging, with a significant experience in the development of innovative systems (Fluoptics, Valeo). Lead in Electronics, Optics and Mechanics


Dedicated to the improvement of biomedical research through the development of preclinical optical imaging instrumentation


Chief Executive Officer

15 years of experience selling in vivo optical imaging systems for biomedical research (Mauna Kea Technologies, Biospace Labs, Fluoptics). Business & Sales


Chief Scientific Officer

20 years of experience in software architecture, 15 of which for innovative medical imaging

systems. Former R&D Director of Mauna Kea Technologies, leading a team of 15 developers and

computer scientists. Software

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